Versavend Vendora 3

Versavend Vendora 3

This terrifying thing, much scarier than that “Monstor” is called “Vendora”, which I’m told was to appeal to a more white collar or elderly crowd. How they intended to achieve that with this, I have no idea. The “Red Hat Society Devil Monster Thing” probably didn’t fit on the machine though.


  1. 1st it looks worse in the picture posted, as you have paint missing, making it look worse. It does fit over (4) of the individual machines, just perfectly, as I still have a couple of these NEW and still in the original boxes which I haven’t sold yet. Although it says “Vendora”, these machines are actually Vendall machines made in Oregon. They are all metal and also work great for things other than candy, in fact I’ve sold a number of single units to veterinarians, who put dog or cat treats in them. Since they don’t use a candy wheel, but instead a tube which empties with each quarter, they work fantastically.

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