Vendesign Snack Shack

Vendesign Snack Shack

This unusual machine was designed by Vendesign to compete with Candy King and their peppermint patty machines. They shouldn’t have bothered, as these machines are also hopelessly obsolete too.


  1. CAn’t figure out how to reload this machine. Can you help?

  2. Re-loading is simple as you just have to pull the trays back up. These machines work great, and like other machines designed for a specific wrapped candy, these you can change the kind of candy you are selling, where others, such as the ones built by Candy King, the Vendstar 5000, and the many different mint patty machines, can only dispense the type of wrapped candy the machine was made for, and if the size of the wrapped candy is changed by the manufacturer, the machine will jamb. These Snack Towers have none of those problems, and are the best available machine for wrapped candy.

  3. These machines are the BEST machines on the market for wrapped candy. They are extremely reliable and easy to reload, and easy to remove the money as they have a coin drawer in the rear. Unlike any of the other machines, which all are designed for a specific wrapped candy, these you can change the kind of candy you want to sell, just by removing the candy you had sold before, and reloading with the new candy you want to sell. When the mint patties changed their size, the machines would jamb, which meant you had to replace the whole machine with a new machine. With this machine it doesn’t care what size your wrapped candy is. This candy machine is very sturdy, as it is all metal, except the globe which is a heavy plastic. The stands are heavy duty, as they are also made of a heavy metal, to eliminate being pushed over. If you are selling wrapped candy, this should be the only machine to consider. Yes, I’m extremely happy with mine, and find that they sell more candy that the bulk candy machines sell. Think it is because many people prefer wrapped candy over the bulk candy.

  4. I fully agree, and just purchased more of the Vendesign Snack Towers. Since they dispense wrapped candy they are extremely easy to place, and unlike other machines that dispense the patties or other wrapped candies, the Vendesign Snack Tower is not designed for a specific wrapped candy. The VENDESIGN SNACK TOWER has trays that drop, so if you want to change to a different wrapped candy, you can use the same machine, just load it with the other wrapped candy you want to sell.  There is nothing to change or modify, just load the kind of wrapped candy you want to sell.  When you insert you money and turn the coin mechanism, the tray holding the candy drops down as it is hinged, allowing the candy to drop or dispense.  The machine is a breeze to load, the only draw back is it only holds 220 pieces of candy, and when you place the machine, even where there are bulk candy machines, these empty so quickly that you have to return to refill them more frequently than most any other machine.  I think it is because people feel the wrapped candy is safer and more sanitary without the chance of getting the germs associated with loose/bulk candy.  Also these are ALL METAL machines, except for what you might consider the globe, which is a heavy plastic.  Yes the stands are also a heavy metal, so these have far less chance of being knocked over when compared to other single legged stand. 

  5. Ryan Adkins adkins says:

    How old are these machines? I just purchased one that is teal in color. Just trying to find out the production history. Is vendesign still in business?

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