Clown Around with Ziggy Yellow

Clown Around with Ziggy Yellow

The actual operation of Ziggy is rather cool- when a coin is inserted, Ziggy will move his mouth and say something while swinging back and forth. On some models, his head would turn. However, time has not been kind to these machines, and the mechanics inside Ziggy tend to fail. These older machines are prized collectors’ items, so finding one on the route is unlikely today. They seem to be sold in pairs no matter where I find them. I don’t know why this is, but where there is on, there is bound to be another!


  1. Rhonda says:

    My husband broughtone of these machines home and we are wanting some info on it please & thank you

  2. joel glass says:

    There are many still – I have seen them over the years – they are not as old as you would imagine — late 70’s – Early 80s – More Kitsch Collection Than an Antique Operated Game. – From an “Atlantis City Casino Style Yesteryear penny arcade – However those look to be i good Shape – However in Modern times post late 70, and 80,s with clowns be portrayed as killers and in horror films — The Character Became Dated and a lack of interest set in because now “every kid is scarred and cries around clowns. And prior to the mid- 1970s they were a staple in any childrens book. tv ad. ect. . Now they are seen a horror storpry characters by most kids / now adults born past 19075 — There is no signigance to yhe two as a pair- In the 80s and early 90s several entertainment / Pizza Parlour Plaxces about 6 country wide folded – exzcpet chucke cheese to some extent including Chucke Cheese Shut Their Doors – And that is where the majhorty of the supply comes from. – I have bad vision – please excuse the mess of the type.

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