Beaver Talking Machine

Beaver Talking Machine

The Beaver talking machine was basically an RB16 with an extension on it, and a tinny speaker that would rattle off a prerecorded message when a product was vended. These were popular in the 1980’s, but the units haven’t fared well as their talking functions have worn out. Even more have fled into collectors hands, making these machines very rare today.


  1. Hi…
    Does anyone know how much this talking Vendor is worth? I have three of them that work just fine. They are actual tiny records that spin when activated. There is a tiny pickup needle and a small DC motor with a rubber band belt to spin the platter.
    When you put in a quarter and turn the handle, the center rod turns and activates the talking mechanism. One record is a space man voice, the other two tell jokes.
    Very cool….I’d like to know their value, if any.

  2. hi Rob, sorry it took so long to get back to you, I don’t know to be honest but if you go over to and ask the great folks over there I am willing to bet someone knows.

  3. Grant Schmidt says:

    how does one find out where to buy the plastic jars/ containers to hold the gumballs ???

  4. Hi Grant, You can get those from Beaver and they also look like the ones you can get from Rhino.

  5. Did Rick ever find out the value, and did he sell his? As I have a couple of them I’m going to part with.

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