What Do You Bring with You when Servicing Your Vending Machines

Pile of Quarters after Servicing a Machine

Pile of Quarters after Servicing a Machine

  • Extra Keys: I learned this the hard way, when I was just staring out I ran into a situation, while servicing one of my machines, where someone had jammed my barrel lock trying to open it. So when I stuck my key in and put some pressure on it trying to get it to open the top tooth popped off the key making it worthless. I had to drive all the way back home to get a spare in order to continue running my route. Since then I always carry at least two spare key sets just in case.
  • Quarter Bag: You need something to tote around all those quarters and I use Canvas Duck Coin Bags from General Bank Supply. For price, durability and ease of use these are great and my first choice. I have also done quite a bit of price checking and General Bank Supply always comes out cheaper.
  • Product Refills: Make sure you take enough products to refill all your machines when servicing. Having to waste gas going back to do refills because you didn’t plan accordingly will eat into your bottom line.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Make sure you take a good food grade cleaner that also kills germs. You want your machines to stay clean and appetizing at all times. Some vendors don’t follow this step very often or at all, but I highly recommend doing this with every service.
  • Scale and Large Container (optional): Many vendors, especially the larger ones, will keep a scale and some sort of large container in their vehicles. After every stop they will weigh their quarters to tell them how much money they made, record it in their ledger, and then lump all the proceeds into their container. As for the containers the most common used tend to be coolers or custom security chests. Personally prefer to use my canvas coin bags, drop a location marker in each one after I collect and then sort, count and mark my ledger that evening while at home.
  • Basic Tool Kit: You never know when you will have a machine that jams, a lock that needs some attention or you will need to fix something on the fly! That’s why I carry a small basic tool kit consisting of a wrench and socket set, normal and micro screwdrivers, box cutter, and a healthy supply of the most typical nuts and bolts used on vending machines and stands. It’s also where I keep my spare key sets mentioned earlier.

Having everything you will need to service your vending route together and ready to go will save you time, headache and money. Prepare well, spend more time collecting quarters than problems and you will love this business.

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