Tips for Beginning Bulk Vendors

Tip#1 All metal gumball and candy machines may cost a few dollars more per machine but they are always preferable to machines with plastic cases.  Metal looks more professional and less prone to cracks, shattering and theft. In addition long term maintenance and upkeep is less.

Tip#2 Always order a stand with each unit. Counter top space is valuable property for businesses and you will be able to place a lot more machines if you can provide the stand rather than expect a location to provide you a counter.

Tip#3 Always do price comparison against several manufacturers and resellers to make sure you always get the best deal but also take into account quality, warranty and customer service.

Tip#4 Stay away from the high end products like M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces and Nuts until you know the business well enough to know when and where to place these premium vending products, to get a good return on your investment.

Tip#5 Gumball and candy products are susceptible to heat and cold, don’t leave them outside or in your car for long periods of time or they will become hard, stale and unsatisfactory for use.

Tip#6 If you to locate your machines yourself, if you feel yourself getting discouraged switch strategies and use a locator service to place your first few to stay excited about your business.

Tip#7 Never give a locator service their fee’s upfront. Most reputable ones will either only require a small portion upfront or none at all until your machines are on location.

Tip#8 Don’t use how much product is gone at any location to judge performance, some product loss from theft or malfunction does occur. Always make sure you count the money pulled from that location so you can better judge which locations perform well for you.

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