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Squidoo Vending Lenses

Squidoo Vending Lenses

Many of my readers know that I frequent several places on the web, looking to learn more about vending and share what I have learn with others. I can often be found over at VENDiscuss, the largest forum for vendors OR the Bulk Vending Forum, a new and fast growing vendor forum with Performa acting as a major part of its growth. I also happen to frequent other vending blogs and I also have created a couple of lenses about vending over at Squidoo. While updating them this week I realized I never actually shared these with you guys here, so that is what this post is all about, giving you the opportunity to explore these:

Bulk Vending Quick Start

This Bulk Vending Quick Start is designed to get your vending business up and running quickly with minimal investment or chance of loss. I personally recommend you start small, become profitable quickly, and expand at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Starting small has a couple of other great advantages; small investment to get started, let’s you run a trial to see if bulk vending is for you, and won’t cost you a lot of money to get out if you decide it’s not. Read More…


Building a Bulk Vending Gumball Singles Route the Easy Way!

Vending can be a rewarding and profitable experience but many get frustrated with trying to decide what method works best. Well one almost sure fire way to build quickly and reach a point where financial stability in your business is at hand is to build it one single vending machine at a time using on gumballs as your product.

This guide is straight forward and we allow for some variations but for the most part we will tell you exactly what you need to do. Read More…

I hope you enjoy these and I apologize again for not thinking to share these with you earlier.

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