Bulk Vending Locks and Vending Machine Security

One concern that comes up often in bulk vending is machine locks and security for your profits and products. Additionally the convenience of having one key to open all of your machines streamlines your operation and makes running your vending route much easier.

Traditionally the way this is handled is that all of the major bulk vending machine manufacturers use a large selection of series locks, for example they may have 100 different keyed locks, number coded to identify which key goes to which lock, upon request with every order you can ask for the same series, or numbered lock if you prefer, to be used on your machines ordered, meaning you only need the same key for all of your vending machines, which is nice but it also means anyone out there with the same numbered series key can access your machines at any time.

A bulk vending route made up of used machines is even more at risk as most, if not all, of your machines will have different series keys from many different manufacturers. This means potentially lots of people could have keys that will fit your machine. This can be a security nightmare and a huge hassle to lug around a bunch of keys, having to find the right key to every machine at every stop.

The solution is surprisingly easy and economical. There are two main companies that can make you originally keyed locks that fit all your machines leaving you with one key no one else has. The two lock companies are Camlock and LAI. I have included links to both companies websites so you can go check them out and see for yourself how you can buy custom bulk vending locks to increase your vending machines security.

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