Who is Your Favorite Vending Supplier?

Assorted toys in capsules bulk vendingChoosing a vending supplier can make all the difference in whether your business is profitable or not. I know a lot of vendors always go with the cheapest supplier but there are other factors too, I of course have my own choices of who my favorite vending supply company is but for this article I asked a bunch of experienced vendors who there favorites were and then tallied them, averaged them out and placed them here in order of popularity. Below the list I am going to provide some of the pros and cons given along with the answers for your considerations as well. I AM NOT endorsing any of these suppliers, not that I won’t or never do, I just want it to be clear this is a groupthink article and not my own opinions. I hope you find this helpful and please feel free to put your own experiences or choices down in the comments.

  1. Flatline Vending
  2. Cardinal
  3. Top Notch Toys (TNT)
  4. SSM Vending (SSM)
  5. Vending Supply (VSI)
  6. A&A Global (A&A or AA)
  7. Allstar

Flatline are good people. They go the extra mile, and their product is really good. If anyone out there has not ordered from F.L. I highly suggest you do.

I like cardinal also they have items with play value. They sell out a lot that’s the only down side.

Flatline. Why? Because their stuff sells! Plus they are a pleasure to deal with! Mark is the best.

Mike from Flatline called me like he does periodically, I gave him some business just because he is a good guy and the only one to do it. none of the other companies do that.

AA have been such a ass to me in the past. At this point I refuse to order from them.

If you use A&A ask for Brian to be your rep. He puts everyone to shame with his customer service. He calls, emails specials and always goes above and beyond.

The problem with A&A is broken caps, especially 1″. To prevent service calls I have someone go through every bag of caps. A&A is by far the worst.

Flatline is a great supplier. Good products that sell and great service…EVERY time.

Vickie with TNT has always been a joy to work with, too. She has always been 100% thorough and has always given awesome customer service.

I always had issues with AA caps, drove me nuts.


  1. PerformaVending says:

    I’ve yet to find a supplier I could not stand. Every so often I’d find a service representative that was rued or unprofessional, but those were always short lived. The only products I’ve ever had quality issues from were from resellers, and even then the problems were minimal. We’re really lucky to have so many quality suppliers in our industry!

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