Starting Off Right with the Right Products

Tomy Gacha Toy Capsule Machines

Tomy Gacha Toy Capsule Machines

There is a LOT of different vendible products out there to be used in bulk vending. The selection you have to choose from; whether its gum, candy, toys, stickers, temporary tattoos or novelty items, it can be daunting on knowing what to get for your first machines.

I recommended you start with standard gumball and candy vending machines, and here’s why; gumballs and some candies have the highest profit margins, as much as 80% profit, they are among the most popular sellers, they appeal to both adults and kids alike, and because they are standard and everyone knows what a gumball machine is, it’s easier to find locations willing to accept them.

Choosing the right first product(s) for your vending machines is a no brainer, look for quality name brand gumballs and candy, then compare pricing and manufacturer. Start with just a few different types on your first order, trying to juggle too much inventory variety can be daunting until you get the hang of it. I personally went with 1” gumballs, 1” jawbreakers and cotton candy candies to fill my first 9 machines. I kept it simple but varied enough I could trade out to an alternative product if it didn’t fit the location. I also made a beginners mistake, I didn’t know any better then but jawbreakers and cotton candy candies are sort of specialized for certain locations and vending set-ups. I would have been a lot better off with gumballs, skittles and another popular general product that fit my area.

Here’s the hard part, choosing a supplier, most gum & candy manufactures only use resellers and I can tell you all resellers are not the same. Gum and candy DO NOT have an unlimited shelf-life and if you don’t keep the product in your machines fresh and top quality, you will have issues with low profits and location owners asking you to remove your machines. I’m not going to recommend any particular supplier here in this post, but do your research, look around our site, look at other sites, see what other vendors say about any particular candy and gum reseller, until you find one who can deliver fresh and delicious product every time.

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