Non-Candy Bulk Product Basics

Temporary Tattoos & Stickers

Temporary Tattoos & Stickers

Non Gumball or Candy Products
If you’re looking for products not a gumball or candy, then there are a few considerations for you as well. Please keep in mind toy’s and novelty items are normally very good sellers, if placed in the right location, and you will eventually expand into these items as your business grows.

Toys and Novelty Items
Typically these are dispensed via your machine in 1” or 2” capsules, they tend to be targeted to children but you can find many items that grab an adults attention. Most of your standard machines will dispense the toy 1” capsules using the same mechanism as your 1” gumball, so moving a bulk vending machine over to vend toys is not difficult at all, although you may want to invest in buying a 2 quarter coin mechanism per machine you want to use for toys. As stated earlier, these work well but you really need to have them placed in a good location where the traffic demographic meets your targeted customer. Other than that your considerations should be pricing, toy type and quality.

Bulk Nuts
These can be popular but until you know a location well and feel secure in offering a more expensive product to location traffic who want this specialty item, you should probably wait. I personally don’t carry these as from everything I have researched there is a high rate of disappointment in their performance, although I have heard they do well machines placed in manufacturing companies and large offices that do not offer full line vending.

Stickers and tattoo’s
This is another set of products that appeal to mostly kids and some adults. Like toy’s and novelties location and traffic demographics must be taken into account before placing a vending machine for them. Another drawback, besides being a specialty bulk vend, is that the machines typically cost a lot more, increasing your investment for something that may be hard to place when just starting out. These are a great way to expand your offerings but we recommend you wait till you are an experienced vendor before getting diving into sticker and tattoo bulk vending.

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