NEW ZED Bubble Gum Exclusively by A&A Global

Now this looks to be a great deal!! New ZED Bubble Gum with 50 FREE, yes that’s FREE, pieces per box. Thats $12.50 more in profit! Other good stuff about their gumballs, 4 bags per case for easy refill, colors resist fading, two unique double sided displays included, 8 mouth-watering flavors. Available in 850 and 1080 count. Here’s the email Flyer:

Zed Bubble Gum
Zed Gumballs Size 850 and 1080
Zed Gumballs 8 Mouth Watering Flavors
A&A Global


  1. A pleasant day to you,
    We are A leading vending operator here in UAE,
    and we are interested in your Zed gumballs, may I know if you have any
    distributor here in UAE if no, how can We buy this product,

    Hoping your kind response,

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Raffy,

    Currently AA Global has the exclusive rights to ZED Gumballs, so you would need to contact them. If you are unfamiliar with them you can just click on the bottom image above to go straight to their website.

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