Gumballs; A Bulk Vending Staple

Dubble Bubble original Gumballs

Dubble Bubble Original Gumballs

Gumballs have been around a long time, and they are always a welcome staple to any bulk vending operation. Besides their popularity, gumballs have one of the highest profit margins in the industry, normally around 80% profit for standard 1” gumballs, so why wouldn’t you include a heavy mix of these in your machines?!?

Today we have a huge selection to choose from, both in colors, flavors and the confectionary manufacturer. So it’s easy to vary up your selections while maximizing return. Choosing the right type and manufacturer when you’re just starting out can be confusing; you don’t have the experience to make sure you are getting quality product, so below are three very popular gumball manufactures:

Concord Confections
Makers of the ever popular Dubble Bubble Gumballs, often called Double Bubble, these are very tasty with a large selection of colors and flavors, and certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. The Dubble Bubble brand has been around for a long time and you can trust in their quality and name recognition.

Oak Leaf Confections
Makes the well-liked Bubble King Gumballs, made in Canada, come in assorted colors and flavors and are also certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. This is another company that has been around a long time and has great brand recognition.

Ford Gum
Makers of Carousel Gum, Big Bubble and Smarties Bubble Gum Balls. Ford has a large selection of gumballs to choose from in all kinds of flavors and colors. Ford gum is certified Kosher by Orthodox Jewish Council Rabbi Alan Ira Silver, M.D..

Choosing to start off with any of these companies is a good decision but like any bulk vending product, you will need to test your locations to find out which gumballs sell the best for you. We recommend that you do the research on choosing a reseller to buy bulk gumballs from, you will need to research how often the reseller turns over there product, making sure you always get the freshest shipment. Consider pricing and shipping to find the best deal. Personally like many other independent vendors, I primarily use Sam’s Club as my supplier for my most used gum and candy.

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