Gumball Gum is Not One Size Fits All

Bulk Vending was originally built off gumball gum, it was the first bulk vending product and remains a staple product of vendors today.  Gumball vending continues to be the highest profit margin of any product available even on today’s market.

When dealing with gumballs you have a huge selection of choices; manufacturer, flavor, color and of course size, this article I am going to talk about gumball gum sizes. I will give you the basics you need to know, a couple of tips when picking which type of gumball gum you want to use and handy dandy gumball gum sizing chart at the end of this article.

For sizing I am going to break it gumball gum up into two categories’; traditional sizes and mega sizes. I will also include the standard individual piece counts when it’s sold in bulk to bulk vendors. Please be aware you can find many places selling gumball gum in substandard, smaller counts, but almost always you will pay more per piece when buying in lots less than the standard I am supplying you.

Traditional gumball gum sizes in order of largest to smallest

  • 1” / 25.4mm gumballs come in 850 count boxes
  • 31/32” / 24.6mm gumballs come in 900 count boxes
  • 15/16” / 23mm gumballs come in 1080 count boxes
  • 7/8” / 22.2mm gumballs come in 1430 count boxes
  • 25/32” / 19.8mm gumballs come in 1900 count boxes
  • 19/32” / 15.1mm gumballs come in 3650 count boxes
  • 17/32” / 13.5mm gumballs come in 5800 count boxes

Mega gumball gum sizes in order of largest to smallest

  • 2” / 50.8mm mega gumballs come in 138 count boxes
  • 1 9/32” / 32.54mm mega gumballs come in 475 count boxes
  • 1 3/16” / 30.2mm mega gumballs come in 600 count boxes
  • 1 1/8” / 28.6mm mega gumballs come in 700 count boxes

Gumball Gum Tips

  1. If you are a smaller operator your best choice for gumball supplier and size are going to be your local Sams or Costco for 1” 850 count boxes that will average you about .02 cents per piece in cost.
  2. If you happen to be ordering from a vending supplier try going to the 15/16” / 23mm 1080 count boxes instead of the 1” 850 count gumball gum for your 1” machines.  They will still only vend one piece at a time but with the extra 230 pieces at 25 cents, that’s an extra $57.50 in your pocket.
  3. Gumball gum is extremely hardy with a long shelf life but it can be reduced by outside factors like extreme cold. Try to find a storage area with comfortable and steady air conditioning and heating.
Gumball Gum Size Chart

Gumball Gum Size Chart

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