Gumball Gum Brands and Manufacturers

Dubble Bubble GumballsOk so this can get tricky trying to match the most popular gumball gums to the manufacturers and their respective brands. I will try and keep it as short and accurate as possible.

When talking shop with other vendors you will find a lot of differing opinions on the quality and selling performance of the main gumball gum brands and their manufacturers so I am not going to even attempt to weigh in on my own preferences but give you a starting point of knowledge about where all the most popular gumballs come from. If you haven’t already read about gumball gum most popular sizes, I would encourage that to be your next stop.

Concord Confections based out of Chicago, IL makes the Dubble Bubble gumballs and gum. Dubble Bubble has a very long history in the bulk vending business and you will find it at most bulk vending suppliers. I have also found that when getting your supply through Sams or Costco what they generally offer in store will be from the Dubble Bubble product line. You can download the Dubble Bubble Bulk Gumball Gum Catalog here.

SweetWorks Inc. bought Oak Leaf confections back in 1998 but the Oak Leaf brand continues to be strong with bulk vendors. Bubble king seems to be there strongest brand in gumball gum but they have a lot of original and cool flavors under the Oak Leaf brand itself. Since they also make nerds, you can guess where all of the different available nerd gumball types come from. You can download SweetWorks flyers and or See the online catalog here.

AA Global has launched what looks like its own line of gumball gum going by the brand ZED Bubble Gum. Their hook is 50 free gumballs per case but from what other vendors have been saying the quality is lacking. Reports of it being grainy are common place but like any new product the quality may improve over time so I am keeping an eye on this brand.

Ford Gum makes the Carousel brand gumball gum. They are another long standing player in bulk vending. With a long history they have many longtime fans but they are not near as well marketed as their leading competition listed above.

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