Bulk Vending Equipment Basics Part 2

Ideally you want to start out purchasing just enough vending machines to feel comfortable in being able to place quickly, but here are some of our recommendations:

Part-Time – If you are starting up your bulk vending company part-time, we suggest you initially buy 4-8 machines with the majority of them being single head. You may want to include a couple of double head machines but I wouldn’t go to three heads until you know the business better.

Full-Time – If you are starting up your bulk vending company full-time, we suggest you initially only buy enough machines to cover what you think you can place within 2 weeks. You can place subsequent orders as needed to pace how fast your business is growing. I would stick with single and double heads at first, possibly including a couple of triple head machines just in case you find a perfect location.

And finally you will see a lot of advice about buying used vending machines, here are our thoughts on the matter. It’s true you can save a little money starting off with used machines but there are several things to consider with a used bulk vending machine:

  • Quality – Used machines often have a lot of wear on them, they don’t look very good and they could make a good location turn you down to place it because of this.
  • Sanitation – We have heard horror stories of some of the things found inside used machines including roaches, maggots, and cigarette butts. In a case like this the added time to fully clean and sanitize them cost you in man hours you could be finding locations to place a new machine.
  • Operation – New machines come with a warranty; used machines are almost always as-is, do we need to say more?!?
  • Cost – Shipping, one of the major costs with bulk vending machines will stay constant whether new or used, unless they are close enough to pick-up yourself, so all you save is on the cost of the machine. It has been our experience that the savings are so minimal that it’s not worth the chances of getting a bad deal.

Of course a lot of people will disagree with our thoughts on the matter, but they are also usually the same people trying to unload the used machines. Which begs me to ask, except in the case of someone leaving the business, if used machines are so great why are they getting rid of them?

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