Bulk Vending Equipment Basics Part 1

Choosing your equipment is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your bulk vending business. I recommend everyone who is just starting out to start with gumball and candy machines. These are by far the most popular and easiest to place. Another advantage is the relative low-cost of purchasing these machines versus the more expensive toy and novelty models you may want to add to your inventory later, once you know the business.

Most bulk vending machine manufacturers produce their machines to most commonly be used in, one, two and three head configurations utilizing either a traditional stand or in some cases a multi-unit all-in-one machine. Vending racks are also a viable option but I wouldn’t recommend just starting out.

Almost all standard machines now come with the capability to change out to gumballs/candy/1” capsules, making it easier than ever to change your business model as you learn the business. Which you choose to start with should be considered carefully as they all come with their own strategy to optimize performance.

Single Head Gumball and Candy Machines
Great for smaller venues and take up less space inside a store; very popular with small locations. Recommended for small locations with low to medium foot traffic.

Double Head Gumball and Candy Machines
Super for most locations because you can offer a larger selection of products, increasing your sales. Recommended for medium locations with medium to high foot traffic.

Triple Head Gumball and Candy Machines
Fantastic for large or busy venues because you can offer an even larger selection of products.
Recommended for large locations with high foot traffic.

Bulk Vending Equipment Basics Part2

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