Big Branding and Little Vendors

Collection of Vending Labels from Sweetstopvending

Collection of Vending Labels from

Look at all the branding around us. Any product really- see a name on it? A logo? Branding is big money. Major corporations spend billions annually to create a brand that’s recognizable, and drives sales. As vendors, we fall into a unique alignment with their plans. Here are a few tips to help YOU make money off of major corporations branding.

Most bulk vendors operate with candy in some capacity- many of us, myself included; rely on it for the majority of our income. So how do we capitalize on these big corporations advertising dollars? For starters, labels.

Many vendors forgo labels for numerous reasons, be them financial, a certain look, or even a little laziness. One of the things that make the biggest difference in candy sales for me has been labels. For starters, this makes identification a snap. Now, it may seem silly to think that some people can’t tell which candies are which, but for some people this is a real problem. Especially when some vendors put M&M’s, Peanut M&M’s, and Skittles next to each other. To the untrained consumer, they all look very much alike. Though I doubt these people make up the majority of your customer base, catering to them is as simple as slapping a label on your machine.

The next is on a similar level- depending on your location, many of your customers may be too young to read, or as before, differentiate between candies. In others they may not speak English. However, in my experience, children who cannot read will lock onto their favorite candies by the branding- they recognize the Red M&M, the Yellow M&M, the skittles rainbow, the Mike and Ike’s logo, etc. Someone who has never read or spoken a word of English can connect with the branding for many of these- Mars, Hershey, Just Born and others are multinational super-corporations that transcend borders. In this regard you can capitalize on a global pool of advertising.

Something I’ve found that, for better or worse, ad campaigns will have an effect on sales depending on your region. To cite an example, Just Born recently launched a pseudo-controversial advertising campaign in which “Mike and Ike”, the fictional mascots of the popular candy, are going their separate ways. Many media sources and private organizations have likened this to a divorce, or other marital situation coming to an end. Silly as it may sound, this may have an effect on your sales. Since the campaign began, the local response here has been very negative, and my sales on Mike and Ike’s have dropped off considerably from previous weeks. However, at the same time, M&M sales went up for me, perhaps in tow with the recent M&M ad campaign.

Now, can you chalk up a machines success or failures to corporate branding? No, there are simply too many factors in play to narrow it down. However, a simple label will give your machine a professional look, aid your customers in product selection, safeguard you from potential lawsuits, and finally help you ride the rise and fall of big ad campaigns. Professional labels are inexpensive and easily obtained. It’s just one more weapon in today’s modern vending arsenal.

Get out there, and catch those quarters! Good luck!

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