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So I started a Beginner’s Guide to Bulk Vending, that’s what this site was originally going to be, a series of guides, but as I worked on it I realized I was constantly evolving as my experience grew. So I decided it would better serve you, my visitors, to revamp my content to a blog style so that the site can evolve with me to give you my best advice. A lot of these posts, the ones in Bulk Vending 101 deal with issues for people brand new to the business. I try to make it easy to understand and keep it very basic so here goes my first real blog post.

Bulk vendors typically sale gumballs, candy, nuts, toys and novelties delivered by non-electric coin operated machines. Part of the draw to this business is the simplicity of it, all you need to get started is; determination to succeed, a few hundred dollars to buy machines and product, and some free time to place them at profitable locations.

It is true bulk vending is a small niche of the vending market, around 1%. What this should mean to you is less competition and more opportunity to grow. Bulk vending requires a different set of strategies for success than the typical full-line vending company, but it’s really not hard to be successful, it just takes a little trial and error when starting off and to adjust and learn as you grow.

I guess my best advice would be to go into this with realistic expectations, be willing to spend the time here, and on other sites, learning the business. But to give you some number right off the bat, the vending industry is an 80 Billion Dollars a year market. Vending Times Magazine cites the national average for vending machines to be around $1 per machine per day. So a single head vending machine will yield $30 per month, a double head vending machine $60 and a triple head vending machine gets $90. But these are national averages, and may not reflect what your own vending machine will make. Choose the right location with good traffic and you will have be successful vending business converting that high traffic to big profits.

I guess the take-away here is that you can do this, building a successful bulk vending business takes hard work, research, perseverance and constant growth! If you are willing to do these then you are off on the right start.

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