Stay Positive

Stay Positive to Succeed in Vending

Stay Positive to Succeed in Vending

The Bulk Vending Industry isn’t a get rich quick endeavor, it takes a lot of work and patience to grow your business, so having the right attitude is very important. If you plan on doing this, on working to build your vending empire then I have the following advice:

You can’t ever have enough. Stay positive about your business, its prospects for success and that you can do this. Optimism is also contagious, if you walk into a place to ask for a spot to put your machine, they will be a lot more likely to let you if you exude optimism than pessimism. If you feel your optimism slip, step back, think about what you wanted and why, when you first decided to get into bulk vending. Reassure yourself it’s still possible and then figure out a way around whatever problem got you down.

Are you excited about the possibilities, about being your own boss, about owning something you built from the ground up! You should be and you can use it to accomplish more than you thought you could! Find ways to keep you excited about your business, set small goals so you can see your momentum building as you tackle them. Whatever it takes, keep yourself excited about your venture and you won’t fail.

Can-Do Attitude
All problems are just waiting on solutions, approach every opportunity with a can-do attitude and watch you succeed again and again. I can’t stress enough that there will be disappointments in this business; first time a machine is vandalized, first time you have to throw out product gone bad or the first call you get from an owner asking you to come get your machine. Point is these are all just small issues to deal with, all part of running a bulk vending company, and if you have a can-do attitude, these small speed bumps will never slow you down.

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