Start Smart. Start Small.

Start Smart and Start Your Bulk Vending Business Small

Start Smart and Start Your Bulk Vending Business Small

Many wonder why I say Start Smart. Start Small. Many will have the resources to go BIG and full force. Before you do, hear me out. Plenty of people decide to go into bulk vending and they  take their savings, second mortgage the house, or take out a an expensive loan, and end up with a storage unit full of machines that will never go into operation, or a large route they have no idea how to manage, or even know where all of the machines are. I see these guys all the time when I go to buy their machines for pennies on the dollar, it happens…a LOT!

One of the advantages to bulk vending is it costs a very small investment to get started; I have met many people who got into it for less than $50. They won’t make their fortune off 1-2 machines, but they are going to learn a lot, and save themselves a lot of money on mistakes as they refine the way they do business. Look at it this way, if you make a mistake that ends up costing you only $2 per head, not a big hit for 10 machine heads, but what if you went big and had 200 or 500 heads? It all adds up and in a game made of quarters, that’s a whole lot of quarters down the drain!

So my advice is to start small, if only for the first month or two. Do your research, read everything you can find about bulk vending and network with others in the business. I can promise you three good things will happen during those two months:

You will make mistakes and you will change and tweak your business model as you learn what works for you and you learn the best way to achieve your particular goals.

These months will set you a solid foundation for success and you will have discovered that this is something that you love doing or you will find out this isn’t for you and you can easily get out of it without losing a bundle of cash.

You will look back and be amazed at the amount if information you now know about this bulk vending. You will make better, more informed decisions about product, machines, your strategy, your strengths and your weaknesses. At this point you will be confident in expanding your business and being successful at it.

*Interesting note, the AA PM Elite machine(s) shown in this double is is the exact same machines I started using on my third order after getting into the business. This is just one example of how I learned and changed, the first machines I ordered were good but not as good as these and they were about the same price. 

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