Buy Your Vending Route, Don’t Build It.

Today we are going to talk about a very simple but effective strategy you can use to either expand on your current route or as few vendors use as the only technique to build their vending business. I am talking about buying routes and machines from other vendors.

Sometimes it’s easy, you find an ad in Craig’s List or your local paper for someone selling their route. These tend to be pretty straight forward; you take an inventory of their machines, product and locations. Check their financial records if possible, and check the locations and machines out. Then you make an offer you’re comfortable with. Pretty simple to buy a vendors route this way.

Now a more novel approach and one I find fascinating is you get some labels or sticky notes, a notepad and pen and you keep these with you. Why you ask? Because you become aggressive in acquiring the machines you want in the locations you choose.

Here’s how it works; on the sticky notes, or have some labels printed, put your name and contact info with a note that goes something like “I would like to discuss buying this location and your machines, please contact me at your earliest convenience if you’re interested .“ Then just place it around the lock of the machine so they are sure to see it next time they service the machine.

Now the notepad and pen is for when the machines you are looking at have the vendors information already on the machine, you can take down their info and contact them directly to make your offer. Again a pretty straight forward process.

The reason I find this last approach so interesting is that with this technique you cut down on locating yourself, you only get machines and locations you prefer, and you don’t have to worry about installing or carrying around the equipment to install. I thought this was a novel approach and one worth sharing, please let me know in the comments section your thoughts on it?

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