Vending Business Basics

Bulk vending is a real business and should be treated as such. It’s a little different in that it’s a 100%  cash business, your overhead isn’t a store location or that you have to deal with credit cards and cash registers but you still need to follow a few traditional rules for business if you want to succeed.

Keeping financial records is very important, and I don’t mean just writing down the total of how much you made each month. You should keep an accurate record of how much you make from each location and the type of machine you have there. This makes it easy to determine which locations are poor performers so you can pull your machine and relocate it to someplace more profitable. It will also aid you for tax purposes depending on your state and federal laws.

Business cards are a must, they don’t have to be premium paper with foil cut, but you need to have a calling card for doing cold calls and it’s nice to have something to give the locations you do place so they can easily contact you should they need to.

Company labels are a good idea. I use mine to mark all my machines and they include all my contact info. In addition some states require you to label every machine in a visible location with specific information on the label, Alabama for instance requires the county of operations business license number on each machine.

Company website, this is one of those things that some people like the idea, others don’t. You don’t need a website in order to do business or to be successful, but it can’t hurt is my general opinion. I am prolific about giving out my business cards, and each one has my website address. For the few that will visit my site, it looks professional and showcases not just my business, but how I am active in the community, how my business can work to add value to their own while giving back to the community through the local charities I am partnered with. Is my phone ringing off the hook with people begging me to put a bulk vending machine in their store just from looking at my website, of course not, but if they are considering my pitch to let me put one of my machines in their store, it can’t hurt.

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