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Bulk Vending ForumIf you want to talk to other vendors, bulk vending forums are a great way to do it. You can get access to a wealth of experience. In fact my best decision, before I started, was to join all three of the best online bulk vending forums. I learned how to avoid the most common mistake made when starting a vending company after reading just a few posts.

Basically there are three bulk vending forums worth your time:

Vendiscuss Forum or TVF (The vendors forum)

Vendiscuss caters all types of vendors but by far the most active members are the bulk vending forum members. They are constantly talking and adding great advice or answering newbie to advanced questions for their community. Owned and operated by Caserri and a whole slew of long time venders as moderators, they keep it clean of spam and loaded with helpful content for vendors.

Bulk Vending Forum or BVF

The Bulk Vending Forums are very active and managed by several bulk vending operators. While not as old as TVF they are dedicated to just bulk vending, so worth a reading if you are a bulk vending operator. Run by my buddy Performa Vending and a small team of moderators, they also keep it clean of spam and full of helpful content.

Vending Chat Forum

Vending Chat is supposed to be the oldest bulk vending forum online, the only drawback is they seem to concentrate on full line vending a lot more than bulk vending. I have also found it to be less informative than the first two bulk vending forums I talked about above, but still worth a look.

You will see that a lot of the same members on all three bulk vending forums, that’s because most smart vendors have found it’s worth the time to be involved in the online bulk vending forums for constant business ideas, finding good deals, and the advantages of bulk vending networking. I hope you will join us on one or all three of these great resources but don’t forget to come back and see me from time to time.


  1. Richard says:

    Bulk vending forums appears to no longer exist

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