5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Profits

Pile of Quarters after Servicing a Machine

Pile of Quarters after Servicing a Machine

Increasing profits for bulk vending can be easy following these 5 basic steps. Even though they seem simple, and common sense, you would be surprised at how many vending operators overlook them. I have tried every one of these steps in my own vending business, so I am comfortable in telling you they will increase your own vending profits and put more of your hard earned money in the bank.

Don’t Let Machines Sit Idle – Almost every vendor I know or have talked with has amassed more vending machines than he/she has locations. Most have a storage unit full somewhere. Idle machines don’t make you anything, stop making excuses, stop buying more machines and start getting them out in locations making you cold hard cash.

Add More Machines to Your Existing Locations – If you have a spot producing great revenue but only have a couple of machines in play, seriously think about adding more machines and more choices to that already performing location. Selling a handful of candy to kids at .25 a pop is good, selling them toy capsules at .50 a pop AND .25 of candy is better.

Change Product – If you get a new location that performs poorly, or an old location sells dip heavily, Change up your product offering. Try gumballs instead of candy, toys instead of gumballs if frequented by lots of children, or just a different type of candy. I have two personal examples of how this worked for me, one BBQ place I had a double with gumballs/cotton candy, first pull was dismal $8.25, all of it in gumballs, so I changed the cotton candy to Skittles, next pull was still pretty bad at 10.50, mostly selling gumballs again. So I changed it out one more time before I pulled the machines out of the location and replaced the Skittles with Mike & Ikes, next pull and everyone after that was $25 or more. I don’t know if it was an employee or two, or a couple of regulars who had a thing for the Mike and Ikes but it started making me more money than the gumballs. My second example is how you can improve by listening to your location. I had a very large retail break room, no full service machine to compete with because of the minimal space they had available. First pull wasn’t very impressive for what I expected to get out of a prime location. While I was cleaning the machines after collection two employees walked in, both female, in fact the whole location was probably 90% or more female. They told me straight up I needed more chocolate, especially Peanut M&M’s. At first I kind of blew their suggestion off, moving to peanut M&M’s and any other premium candies would lower my profits substantially, then I thought it through. 95% women, women love chocolate, in fact studies have been shown that women crave and consume more chocolate during that special time of the month because it makes them feel better. In fact with over 60 female employees I was pretty sure that more than a few would be needing a chocolate fix daily. So I changed it up, added peanut M&Ms, regular M&Ms and Reeses Pieces. Good call too, for what I lost in profits I way more made up for in volume. They averaged out at about $150 every month after that.

Keep Your Machines Spotless – This is a personal pet peeve, and I cannot stress how important this is; If I am a customer and I have a choice between a clean vending machine and grimy dirty one, I will always choose clean, especially when it’s for my kid. I have also passed up dirty machines, even though I wanted a gumball, simply because they were disgusting. Clean and service your vending equipment regularly.

Re-Tool Your Vending Route – Pull the lowest 10-20% of your locations and redeploy the vending machines in new account locations. You should always be doing this, looking for top performing locations, whenever you get a chance. Don’t pull your lower performers if you already happen to have machines sitting idle, but then again if you do, go back and re-read the first step.

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