About Us

Welcome to my blog The Reliable Vendor. I started this blog after I first decided to get into the vending business and had a tough time telling what was good, solid advice and what was someone trying to pitch me a “Biz-Op” sales pitch.

Rick Dendy

I kept running into the same problem, not enough information I could trust, so I started taking notes on what I could find and digging deeper till I finally networked with a great bunch of vending operators that have been beneficial in my success.

This blog is my way of cataloging what has and hasn’t worked for me as a bulk vendor, to give you my experiences, successes and failures. To share it with you in the hopes it will help you in your own endeavors.

Thank you for visiting my site, and if you feel I have helped you on to be a knowledgeable and successful vendor please feel free to comment, like us on facebook or Google Plus!


Rick Dendy